In the regional market as the goal, the target consumer groups, unified systematic market guidance, to enhance franchisee sales, to "Gleamia " group win.

Franchisee for the problem in the management process faced by professionals related to the company headquarters organization consultation, and propose appropriate response options, by telephone, fax, letter, Internet or other means, or manner of management guidance.
Once you join, Gleamia Corporation is obliged to provide in terms of market operations and other services to guide you in your request.
(1) We will be based on the actual local situation and their own dealers, help dealers develop appropriate local realities of marketing plans and programs, and to provide training materials.
(2) We will be annual, quarterly with the latest industry analysis and the overall planning program to the dealer.
(3) We have produced enterprise product announcements, series soft, hard advertising, graphic design, etc., can be provided with advertising and print creative according to the agent's request, but also to introduce agents News Speculation successful examples of themes to promote the experience of large-scale promotional activities with prizes.
(4) provide "operating guidance" on a regular basis depending on the circumstances of agents to guide operation of the market.
(5) According to the marketing process is to provide the actual situation of the system, mode of operation, phone
Guidance, the branch experience, publicity, promotional materials and other proofs.
(6) maintenance of the market, market planning.
(7) operating site supervision, inspection, corporate philosophy and culture of various model agreements and the like.The above points greatly ensure join our earnings outlook!

Expected return

1. Agents:

The following is an analysis of a county-level city standard shop profitability made:

1. Day sales revenue is based on daily sales of goods paragraph 20, the average retail price of 100 yuan calculated (not discounted), this estimate is based on most of the products with energy saving concept-specific.
2. The daily turnover of traditional data, did not calculate various holidays and other selling factors, then will increase to about 20% -30% of sales;
3. The investment program did not consider the situation existing store, if you already have a shop, you can save rent expenses;
4. Depending on consumer prices in different cities, the regions in which the shop lots, whether there can benefit district, different varieties of mainstream business, shop management and other factors, the above data will generate a corresponding degree of increase or decrease.
5. County agents can also develop township agents can share and sales agents township joining fee.

2. traders and engineering customers:

Our affordable products, strong technical strength to ensure that the relatively advanced level of the industry, now led lighting market in different ways, leading Division I first proposed commitments within "regardless of the type of lighting, all products warranty for more than three years," the industry, all a reflection of their strong and confident. This commitment also to the majority of traders and engineering customers a reassurance. As we all know, the quality of business first, whether the product is a low-end midrange or high-end, on the same price level, customers will choose a good quality, long product warranty period, with the industry in the  States Gleamia mid-price sales of high-end products this in itself is the majority of traders and customers' strong engineering support!Select Gleamia products is a wise choice!


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